Our Staff


Our staff has unconditional love for the overall well-being for youth and strives to promote knowledge of heritage and history, which creates a sense of family in which all are welcome. Historic proverbs reveal that is takes a village (community) to raise a child. Staff members of the Ujimaa After-School Program are committed to this ideal, and focus on healing wounds within the community on intra and interpersonal levels. Before engaging youth, our staff are trained and tested to gauge their personal levels of mindfulness, as we understand that one must lead by example.
Each staff member is responsible for having completed a minimum of 48 college level units of education, or have the ability to prove exemplary skills in site-level academia via testing. Staff must complete state and federal live scan background checks, and undergo TB testing. In addition, our staff is mandated to attend rigorous professional mentoring development training, using the “Simba” model for youth interaction, which is an essential element to Ujimaa’s collective approach. Our staff members are not only facilitators, but are mentors to the youth in our community.

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