Zulu Adventure Camp

Zulu Adventure Camp

Great reasons to choose our camp 

Zulu Adventure Camp emphasizes the outdoors as an invaluable tool to teach young boys of color principles they need to become productive and responsible members of the community.

Lessons in archery, crafts, meditation, self-defense, wilderness survival, swimming, backpacking, group reflection, life skills, exercise and more endow our young warriors to become peer leaders with refined senses of confidence and leadership.

Every day and every adventure is designed to bring the best out of our warriors, identifying their weaknesses and empowering them to realize their strengths.

Zulu Adventure Camp Registration


Day 1

Overview of camp safety rules, welcoming, get to know each other, and learn fun & challenging camping skills from our supportive leaders. After setting up camp, we will begin to explore the campground, hiking
trails, and begin making countless memories with our new-found friends. Finally, our day will conclude around the crackling campfire with toasted-hot marshmallows.

Day 2

After our daily early morning meditations, exercise and basic martial arts training, we head out to our main fun activity of the day. Our day will conclude with written journal reflection around the campfire
followed by a group discussion about modern day manhood.

Day 3

Today we will continue to explore the nearby area by hiking out to nearby location in which we will immerse ourselves among the redwood & pine trees while enjoying hours of outdoor laser tag. Before returning
to camp, we will relax and plunge into the cool refreshing water at nearby pool, creek, river, or lake.

Day 4

On our final day together, we will do come closing activities, breakdown our tents, pack-up our gear, and begin heading back home, but not before participating in our hip-hop paint party. Everyone will be
guided by a professional artist in creating their own masterpiece, capturing the wonderful memories of their time together. Finally, we’ll stop for delicious pizza before arriving back in Oakland.

Activities Offered

🏹Archery🏊🏿 Swimming


And Much More…

Registration Packet

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Shuttle Vans

Transportation will be provided at the following location:
Burckhalter Elementary, 3994 Burckhalter Ave, Oakland, CA 94605

Camper Drop-off Time:
Between 8:00am-9:00am on Tuesday(s) June 11th, June 25th, and July 23rd

Camper Pick-Up Time:
At 8:30pm on Friday(s) June 14th, June 28th, and July 26th

Note: Please review the June and July supply list as you pack for your trip.