Learning Pods

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Learning Pod have been designed in order to get children in a learning environment without being over exposed to large groups of people in order to reduce the spread of the coronavirus.  In our learning pod communities, students will:

– Maintain a safe distance from all pod members

 Participate in virtual learning classes with regular teachers (OUSD or Charter)

Engage in planned enrichment activities

Enjoy outdoor activities (hikes, farm visits, local parks)

Our Learning Pod communities are designed for students and families that desire academic support for their scholar(s) in addition to a healthy social emotional environment. The Learning Pod community – Community POD model provides culturally-responsive academic, enrichment and technical support for K-5th grade students in a Covid -19 safe learning environment as well as regular outdoor field trips.
Student Eligibility

Eligible students are TK-5th grade students currently enrolled in a public school. Students need to have their own device for virtual learning (Chromebooks, laptop, etc.). In order to remain eligible, students and guardians must comply with all expectations outlined within the COVID Safety Protocols and the Parent Handbook in addition to wearing sinus coverings (gators, masks, bandanas etc). 

Program Schedule

The first half of the day is spent supporting students with their in person and/or virtual academic studies and projects. The second half of the day students are engaging in enrichment classes, project based play or outdoor excursions to a local or regional park or hiking trail.  Exact schedules will be produced once we are familiar with each individual student’s school schedule.

COVID19 Responsiveness

In order to ensure the hygienic integrity of our learning POD students, family and community PODs environment are sanitized at the start, close, and during transitions. Upon starting the program students temperature’s will be taken. Children with a fever will be asked to stay home for two weeks. Parents are required to keep children home if they feel sick or anyone in the home tested positive within two weeks. PODs are comprised of 10 students and one adult.  

To review our official “Covid Safety Protocols”, please click here

Ujimaa Pod Staff

The Ujimaa POD team is made of community educators who are trained in supporting students to navigate Common Core assessments, virtual education, as well as develop their character and social emotional skills. The teaching philosophy of the Community POD is rooted in culturally responsive teaching, pedagogy, academic rigor and experiential learning through projects and play.



Currently we have POD locations in West Oakland, East Oakland and San Leandro. Community POD programming is available Monday through Friday from 8:00am – 5:00pm. 


Service Fee

The service fee is $250 per week, Bananas and 4 C’s are accepted. We ask that a minimum of two weeks be paid in advance.