Freedom Riders Inline Skate Academy

The Freedom Riders Inline Skate Academy (FRISA) was created by people who are passionate about social justice, environmental awareness, fitness, and spreading positive vibrations.  Inline skating has many therapeutic qualities that enhances the spirit and eliminates depression all while receiving a stellar work out.  Across race and creed, skating has brought people together from around the world who may typically never cross paths.  The result is increased humanity and improved holistic health!

FRISA will teach children the fundamentals of skating and the technical components of equipment and hardware (boots, frames, bearings, and more).  Children will also receive lessons in human anatomy as it relates to the major muscle groups and neurological activity stimulated by skating.  Participating children will graduate through skill levels  and enjoy “Freedom Rides” in local urban areas as well as regional parks!!


Meeting locations will include Lake Merrit, Defermery Park, John Sutter Regional Shoreline, and more!!


Participant Enrollment

To enroll, please click here.